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Have you ever bought too much food and couldn't eat it?

Sep 20,2022 | Buoth Vacuum Fresh Box

Have you ever bought too much food and couldn't eat it, opened it and damaged it, or changed its taste and couldn't eat it?

1.The shelf life of food is unexpectedly short. The reason is that moisture and microorganisms in the air oxidize and spoil food, and vacuum storage technology was born to solve the problem.

2.By evacuating the air inside the container and creating a vacuum, the causes of oxidation, moisture, and putrefaction are eliminated, and the food can be stored for a longer period of time.

3.Many vacuum storage containers require tools such as pumps, which can lead to tired hands and trouble finding the pump. Also, if the pump breaks, all the containers cannot be stored in vacuum. The electric type is troublesome to replace and charge the battery, and it is not possible to wash it with water, so you are worried about hygiene.

Even if you know it is convenient, it is annoying, so you may somehow refrain from doing so.

Buoth Vacuum seal Box is a new form of vacuum storage that has been redesigned from the ground up by reviewing the conventional vacuum storage. No pumps or batteries required, integrated so you don't have to worry about losing tools.

To store in a vacuum, just cover it and press it alternately with both hands! !! It is now possible to easily and quickly store food in a vacuum.